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Last Saturday Aaron took the five oldest kids on a little road trip to a BYU game in Tennessee. When we had decided to buy tickets several months ago it didn’t occur to me that it would be the 1st of November and that Tennessee may be just a wee bit colder than Georgia. The night before we looked up the weather report and it called for a chance of rain and possible snow flurries and COLD! Lucky for them, the precipitation held out, but it was still a very chilly game.

Even though I would have loved to go to the game, we didn’t think the little boys would have lasted 10 hours total in the car all in one day and might get bored about 15 minutes into the game, so I stayed home with them and they got to have a play date with their friends. Next year when Ethan is a little bit older, I think a family BYU game trip will be in order. Aaron sent me pictures and text updates throughout the game, and I was able to follow the game through Instagram. It was fun seeing updates every time they scored a touchdown or made a good play.

This picture is my favorite. I love all my little cheerleaders cheering on BYU for me! I love that they are all wrapped in their blankets and decked out in winter gear and still smiling! That’s some true team spirit right there-I think I may have wimped out,46 degrees it a little too cold for my bones.

TN BYU game blog-1

I’m pretty sure from looking at these pictures that there were massive amounts of candy from trick or treating the night before that were consumed on the drive up there…at least by Abby. Crazy girl!

TN BYU game Aaron's phone blog-1

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They were sitting behind the end zone for the first part of the game. After the first quarter, they went to see Aaron’s friend Miles who caravanned up with them. They are office mates at work and have been looking forward to this game for awhile. Unfortunately, they had gotten tickets at different times so didn’t have seats together. Miles was sitting on the 50 yard line behind the Tennessee bench. The older kids got bored of that real quick, and headed over to the opposite side on the 30 behind one of the BYU benches. By the second half Aaron and the girls met up with them and they spent the rest of the game closer to more “true blue” fans.There were a lot of people there in the “student section” and our kids were happy to be surrounded by tons of other loyal BYU fans. The cheerleaders were there and the kids were loudly chanting along with all their cheers. I guess there were two Tennessee fans that were sitting in front of them that finally left after a while. Aaron said that Abby was the loudest and most into it the WHOLE game. I think that extra sugar helped!

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Game fun via Brianna’s ipad…

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They were happy they stuck on the BYU side because after the game they got to run down and get high five’s from some of the players. They followed the crowd out to the parking lot and met up with the players that were loading up on the buses and got a few pictures with the “hot players” as Brianna and Ashleigh called them. Here they are with #29 Andrew Mikkelsen and #23 punter Scott Arellano who had the amazing recording setting 81 yard punt during the game. The final score of the game was 27-7. Go Cougars!

TN BYU game Brianna's ipad-5  TN BYU game Brianna's ipad-6

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