{ Ethan and Simon }

Ethan has this new fascination with our dog, Simon.

Simon has always been interested in Ethan. He loves to hang out around his highchair and wait for food to drop.

Ethan and Simon in highchair blog-1

Sometimes he likes to try and lick off Ethan’s fingers.

Ethan and Simon in highchair blog-4

Ethan thinks he’ll like it too, so he offers down his fingers.

Ethan and Simon in highchair blog-2

He feels that slimy tongue and decides (like the rest of us) that that’s gross.

Ethan and Simon in highchair blog-3

Then we all run to get to Ethan before he puts said fingers in his mouth.

Ethan and Simon in highchair blog-5

Ethan’s love for Simon mainly centers around his crate. Whenever Simon is outside Ethan tries to crawl into it. It usually has hair and dirt surrounding it, so when I pick him up he feels a little like a human lint roller. I try to brush him off and carry him back to his toys, but within minutes he’s back again.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-2

When Simon is in his crate, Ethan likes to come right up to him and “play” with him. Simon usually gives me this look…

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-1

“Really, I have to play with him. He can’t even walk. Or talk. Or get me a doggie treat.” I think he silently thinks about teaching Ethan how to unhook his crate so he will let him out, or teach him how to open his treat drawer so Simon can help himself to some snacks. I’m sure he’d be willing to share with Ethan too. And I’m sure Ethan would be a willing party to try them as well.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-3

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-4

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-5

After a while, they both a get a little bored. Simon usually whines to be let out, and Ethan crawls off to find another adventure.

Stairs…those look good.

Thank goodness he hasn’t figured out how to climb them yet. I am not quite ready to haul my baby gate out of the attic. Until then, he likes to go and kneel by them. He bops up and down in his excitement.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-6

Sometimes he checks if I am watching him…

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-7

…when I call his name, he smiles…and then goes back to trying to figure out how to actually get on those things. He hears the click of my camera and then makes a bee line to try and catch me.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-8

There are usually some minor complications as he tries to get away. That chubby little tummy can be such an annoyance sometimes, especially when moving is involved.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-9

And as always, one adventure leads to another, so off to bigger and better things for this guy. The kitchen bench is his newest thing.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-11

Until, I suggest otherwise so he doesn’t hit him mouth on the edge.

He doesn’t like being told no.

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-12

He sticks out that little pouty lip for us and we try real hard to take him serious. But, we know better, and usually scoop him up to try and make him giggle. He digs his face into our shoulder and laughs as he wiggles his legs back and forth from all the tickling under his arms.

We set him down so he can get back to his exploring…

Ethan kneeling with Simon blog-10

..but not before we get one last look from this little cutie. It usually results in a repeat of the tickle, giggle, wiggle game. We just can’t resist that face.

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