Day 4-Epcot

 Pink day epcot
Pink/Gray day
When we went to Epcot on Tuesday there were a lot of rides that had really long waiting times for them so we didn't go on many rides that day. Our plan for today was to get up early and be there right when they opened so we could go on some of those. When we woke up though, Brooke was sick. She must have caught what Brianna had early in the week, but she was a little worse. Determined to have fun and hopeful she would feel better off we went. By the time we got to the park she had already thrown up twice, and we were beginning to second guess our decision. Luckily, we had the big stroller with us and she was happy to just sleep in there for most of the morning.
When we got there Aaron, Austin, and Brianna went on the Test Track ride and Mission Space while the little girls, Scott, and I headed for a playground we had spotted the other day. We found some great fountains to play in on the way, and had fun relaxing. It seemed like a slower paced day with not as many people there. When Aaron and the kids caught up with us, we switched and I went with Austin and Brianna on test track. It was a great, fast ride.

I remember going to Epcot as a child and playing in these special water fountains. They were streams of water that would jump from one circle to the next. I had tried to explain it to Aaron and had my eyes peeled for them the whole time. After one of the rides Aaron and the older kids went on, they told me they had found it up behind the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience ride.

Austin wet 1 Austin wet 2 Austin wet 4 Austin wet 3  Austin and Brianna wetAustin wet head
It brought back sweet memories from my childhood and gave the kids a chance to cool off. When we asked them later what one of the funnest things they did, they all mentioned the jumping dots.
In the middle of Epcot there is a large lagoon which is surrounded by their World Showcase. It is several countries that have buildings, shops, and food places that would be found in that country. It was so much fun to explore the world. It made me want to do some world traveling.
Red phone booth

In Canada we had to try the ever popular fit everyone in the phone booth shot. Brooke was even a good sport and joined us for the picture.

When we arrived in France we saw one of our first princesses of the trip, Sleeping Beauty (and her midget body guard. I still don't know which was more exciting to see for the kids) We tried to get in line to meet her, but the line was closed so we just used a little zoom action on my camera for this one. The kids kept wanting to see her picture on the camera, so that was good enough for them. Even when I was posting this Erika kept saying, “Go back to Sleeping Beauty ! Go back!”

As we were watching her we lost Aaron. We sat down and waited for him, knowing he would probably return here when he noticed we weren't with him. Sure enough he returned ten minutes later, bringing French pastries with him, so he was quickly forgiven. The strawberry tart was a favorite. Aaron and has been urging me to make these for him for a while, and now I see why. Delicious!
          Erika and Brianna belly dancing  drums

In Morocco Brianna and Erika found these really cool belly dancer outfits. The hair pieces were super fine strands of beads and the skirts had little jingly sequins' sewed all around it. It was amazing. 
We finished our world tour visiting the great shops in Morocco, the boats of Italy, and the acrobatics in China. By the time we got to China Brooke was feeling a lot better and even got out of the stroller to watch them.

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Lisa said...

Sounds like such a fun trip. As you can tell, we are already counting down till our trip in October! Where are all your character pictures??