A Week at DisneyWorld

One of Aaron's medical conferences this year landed during Spring Break so we decided to pack up the whole family and join him for the week in Orlando. We loaded up after the last session of General Conference and journeyed off for a six hour trip south. The kids had picked some church videos to watch along the way, but only made it through one of them before Scott started crying so loud they couldn't hear it anymore. We spent the next hour listing to our poor little guy cry it out. Unfortunately, this would start his week long hatred for his carseat. We pulled into our hotel around 2am with six sleeping kids in tow. As soon as we started unpacking the luggage though, they were all wide eyed and ready for some fun. It took a bit of convincing to finally get them calmed back down, but at about 3am we all finally found some peace in our nice cozy beds.

Outside the hotel at 2am!!

Aaron had to attend his conference for just a few hours the next morning, so I had plans of sleeping in with all my tired little campers wanting the same. Not to be so-at about 7:30, I heard the TV in the next room happily playing some cartoons with all the kids eagerly watching. I could hear them looking out the window and saying to each other "Look, I see Disneyworld!" There excitement was almost uncontainable.

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying fun hotel games such as jumping on the beds...

taking pictures with the great window light (mommy's favorite game)...

and trying to sneak out in the halls and giggling with delight when caught.

Because we are blessed with such a large family, we weren't able to get just one room, but had to get two rooms connected with a door inside the rooms. The kids thought this was probably one of the best parts of the trip. Brianna told me, "I know Disneyworld is going to be fun, but I think the hotel is really fun!" It doesn't take much to impress this crowd.

They had initial plans of all the kids in one room and mom and dad in the other room, but we soon found out that we needed to separate some of them or we weren't going to be getting any sleep this whole vacation. They still found fun being separated, like calling each other on the phones and shutting the door to one room and almost locking us out of the other room. Luckily, good ol' dad was prepared with an extra room key in his pocket. Dad saves the day!


Lisa said...

Love that picture of the kids looking out the window. Adorable. So much excitement!!! I love vacations.

Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

Fantastic pictures Monae!!

Chrystina said...

Oh how fun! Great pics and I am sure they loved every moment. Fun family memories!!

Libby said...

I really love the picture of Aaron, with the kids in the background looking out the window. So classic.

Thanks for sharing the fun times! :)