Day 5-Animal Kingdom

Green seemed the appropriate color for a day in the jungles of the Animal Kingdom. Luckily, we were all well and healthy and ready for a full day. The kids thought this was one of the best days. Animal Kingdom sign On our way to Disneyworld each day we would travel on an interstate  that had a large overpass ramp. The kids would pretend it was a big rollercoaster hill as we went up it each day. This is one of their favorite pictures from the whole trip. So funny! Can you sense the thrill?car rollercoaster

We could see the big rollercoaster mountain, Mt. Everest from the road and Austin and Brianna were all psyched up to go on it. I think their faces really did look like this during that ride. I chickened out on that one. I am not known for having a very strong stomach. Aaron of course loved it!

Green day

Our family picture for the day. What a cute bunch of animals!

Scott monkey 2


Scott monkey


Scott monkey 3

We all thought Scott looked so cute in his little hat. He looked like a Safari explorer all ready for the day. The animals were such a hit for the kids. They would excitedly run from one exhibit to to next searching for the creatures hidden there. The monkeys were Austin’s absolute favorite. They were in this huge tree house habitat and Austin was in tree climbing heaven. He wished he could be right there with them. One of the rides we could all go on together was the Kilimanjaro Safari. The kids couldn’t believe they were actually that close to these big amazing animals.

The river rapids ride was a ride that even Abby could ride and the kids (Brooke especially )favorite. We were lucky it was hot day so any type of water fun was sought out for. We were able to go on that one a few times and we got soaked every time!

Since it was super busy at Disney the whole week we were there, we didn’t get many chances to see a lot of the Disney characters. They had specific places inside to meet them, but the  lines were 90minutes long , and the kids just didn’t have it in them to wait that long. I think next trip we will spend a whole day just seeking out the characters. We were lucky to see a few in the streets at Epcot, but the parade at Animal Kingdom is where they had a chance to see them up close.

Girls on aaron shouldersWe got a really good seat, even the little girls thanks to daddy shoulders! Two girls at one time, what a Tarzan! 

Goofy paradeDonald duck Mickey parade  Rafiki paradeMonkey paradeMinnie mouse 



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