Happy Birthday Abby

Abby Birthday Abby turned three on Saturday. It’s hard to believe our little girl is already that old. With all the excitement of DisneyWorld, we decided to celebrate when we came back. She got Curious George  Makes Pancakes for her birthday book, and some other Tinkerbell things. She was very proud to tell everyone about her birthday, as well as enjoyed having her cake and opening her presents. Here is a view of Abby at three:

  • food she loves-pasta, cereal, chicken nuggets, cheese, and goldfish
  • she loves to play with her babies with Erika
  • she likes to read books with Brooke
  • she likes to jump on the trampoline
  • she can dress herself and usually goes through a few outfits a day. She has a strong fashion sense like her sister Brooke.
  • she can’t wait to sit at the big girl table instead of her boaster seat/high chair
  • she can put on her shoes by herself.  She loves wearing flip flops!
  • she loves to watch home videos of herself when she was a baby
  • she is working really hard at being reverent during prayer time. After family prayer she will jump up and say, “I was reverent!”
  • she is super independent (it must be in her genes!)
  • her favorite treat is Gummy Bears (Thank you Aunt Michelle for always remembering!)
  • she likes to try and pick up Scott and carry him when we aren’t looking
  • her job around the house is to set the table
  • Brianna and Austin are her buddies and can always calm her down when she is having a tantrum
  • she is working on being potty trained
  • she can twist her tongue all the way around in her mouth
  • her favorite color is green
  • she looks the most like Brianna when she was little, but her hair is not quite as curly
  • she still takes a nap every day
  • her drink of choice is milk

We love you so much Abby, and are glad for the joy you bring to our home!

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Lisa said...

Cute picture! Did you use your flash? Love that she jumps up and says she was reverent! So cute.