Pinewood Derby

Austin had his Pinewood Derby tonight at Cub Scouts. He was very excited as this was his first race he was able to participate in. He worked hard on his car, and even invited some of his neighborhood friends to come and watch him. He came in 3rd place and we are very proud of him, mostly for his great sportsmanship he showed to the other boys.

Austin also won the "Most Colorful Car Award". He spent a lot of time painting his car. He painted headlights, lightening flashes on the side, and a big window in front "just like our minivan".

I asked Austin about his experience with this years Pinewood Derby and here's what he had to say.

What was the hardest part about making the car?

Cutting it out and sanding it.

What was the funnest part?

Painting the car.

What was the best part about tonights race?

Eating the donuts afterwards.


Karen McGouirk said...

Congrats Austin! Your car looked great and I am glad that it was fast too!

The Simon Family said...

Wow Austin! You did a great job!

Chrystina said...

He did do a great job!! Love the donut remark! Boys and food. He makes a handsome scout!

Valeni said...

Just found your blog from someone else's link and have loved reading and looking at the pictures. I'm glad I got to see the pinewood derby the other night. All the boys were so cute and did a great job! thanks for sharing Austin's comments. Very fun to hear his thoughts.