The power of a hug

In the wee hours of this morning after we had brought in the New Year, my 4 yr old wanted to give her new little baby brother a hug before bed. He was fast asleep in his bouncy seat, and as she bent down to kiss him and was walking away he smiled. The first smile that has graced the lips of this newborn. It was the most precious thing, and certainly made my 4yr old's day.

It got me to thinking how many hugs get exchanged in our family in a year. We have a tradition of giving each member of the family hugs and kisses after family prayer, morning and night. So 8 family members x 7 other people we hug x two prayers a day...... over 40,000 hugs a year!!! Amazing! And that doesn't even take into account the "I hit you and took your toy and I'm sorry" hug, and the "Daddy's home from work" hug, and the random but my personal favorite "I just love you" hug. I think we sometimes overlook the impact a simple hug can have
on another.

Start the new year off right and give someone a hug, and as you are walking away they may just be smiling inside too! Happy New Year!

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Libby said...

What a sweet picture! And what a sweet story--Scott picked a great time for a first smile!