Scott at 6 weeks

My little man is already 6 weeks old. He and I were having some quality mommy time tonight after all of the other kids had gone to bed. He was so happy and was smiling and cooing. It was very sweet. He is growing up so fast already. I wish I could stop time.

I think that one of the reasons I love photography so much is I feel I get to stop time for that instant. I get to capture who or what that person was in that exact moment in time. As hard as we try to remember how something or someone was in the past, our memory fades and the little details are slowly lost in time. But with a picture, you get to look at them and relive those sweet moments all over again. Tender feeling that were felt when the picture was taken are rekindled; senses aware of how things felt, smelled, sounded, and looked; and the memory once again, if only for a short while, is restored.

I often feel as Alice in Wonderland who proclaimed, "In my world, books would be nothing but pictures" Oh what a joyful place that would be.


The Simon Family said...

Time does slip by too quickly... Thanks for the post. I took out my camera and captured some sweet moments with my little 15 month old comparing our boo boos.

The Smith Clan said...

He is so beautiful- almost makes me want to have another one, Aaron won't go for it! Time flies! I found Levi Hancocks blog for his son. Elijah who seems to be 3-4 years old has leukemia. Check out his blog. What a hard thing to go through. It is elijahhancock.blogspot.com. Love your pics!

Chrystina said...

AAAAAGGGHHH!!!! I did not know that you had another!! He is soooo cute! Just like the other Starbuck babes! How lucky!! I just found out we are prego finally!! 3 years and the doctor finally figured it out!! Congrats!!! Love your blog!

The Harper Family said...

Wow he is SO CUTE!!!

He looks just like Brianna to me in this pic. Love it.