After school snack anyone?

My kids are always begging me to make them an after school snack. I usually forget to have one out and ready when they get home, so I end up struggling to find something to appease them that is also somewhat healthy. I found this cute idea a while back in the Family Fun magazine (LOVE that magazine). A fun way to end out the school day.

pencil afterschool snack blog

  • Cheddar cheese cut into  long square chunks. String cheese is what the magazine recommended, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I just worked with what I had.
  • Bugle snack chips for the top
  • Chocolate or small raisin pieces for the lead. I dipped the bugles in Nutella for ours.
  • Small pieces of gum for the erasers. The article used small pieces of bologna, but we aren’t big bologna eaters here, so we went for anything pink we had on hand. Gum was the choice this time.

Assemble all pieces together, add a sweet note, and listen intently for joyous shouts of, “Mom, these are awesome!”

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The Simon Family said...

Girl, where do you find time to do that?! You're amazing! What lucky kids you have! :)