Turtle Time

The kids have this cute book they got from Grandma called Turtle Time. I think of it every time I see a turtle, and it came to mind when the kids caught their latest creature. In the book the girl tries to make a house for the turtle, and give him her kind of food to eat, and dress him up. Imagine all that times 5 kids. This poor little turtle had the patience of a saint. We actually had two turtle, but this picture is of turtle#2.

turtle 1

Erika found turtle#1 out in the road, and it was quickly captured and made at home in our little red wagon. Complete with sand, leaves, sticks, water, and some carrots-the turtle’s new home was ready for him to move in. He wasn’t too excited to be here, and after unsuccessfully getting him to eat we decided we should let him go. When we came back from church though, he had escaped and found his way to freedom.

The next day on the way to school we were driving down our street and Austin spots another turtle-turtle#2. He jumps out of the van, grabs it and runs it back to the house for safe keeping. This one was a little smaller then the other one, and much more active. We decided that the other one was a grandpa turtle, and this one must have surely been a teenager turtle. It may have had something to do with the fact that the girls flooded the wagon and maybe he was just swimming around wildly to get afloat. He would perch himself up on the edge of the wagon and hang out to watch us. turtle 2

The kids babied their new turtle, but after multiple attempts to get him to eat, he wouldn’t. So we said our good-byes and sent him on his way to enjoy the world in his own way and time-turtle time that is.

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1legofatriangle said...

Whenever I see a turtle I immediately think of your dedication to getting the "perfect" pic. I smile when I remember you doing cirque de solei on the back steps!