Date with Erika

Tonight was Erika’s special night to have a date with mom, and we had such a blast. We went out to eat at Red Robin, and she was taking it all in. We got to have a small booth all to ourselves, right by the kitchen. She watched the cooks make the food, and yell out orders that were up. She watched Red Robin make the rounds, but got a little shy when he came to talk to her. She order macaroni and cheese to eat and milk to drink (always her drink of choice). I had a yummy quesadilla and tortilla soup. She got a balloon for a souvenir and had one on one time with me to play all the games on her placemat. After we ate we went to Joann fabrics to get some stuff to finish her Halloween costume, and then on to Old Navy for some shopping.

We found some cute t-shirts for her, and were about to go check out when she insisted she try them on. We had a little fashion show and she was giddy with excitement that she was a big girl trying on clothes just like her big sisters. When we went outside from Old Navy the windows of the store were all foggy from the humidity, so she wrote her name all over the windows. So cute. She saw how dark it was out and said, “Wow, this is really a ‘late night’ (out little term for getting to stay up extra late) isn’t it mom?” Thank you fall weather for making the days shorter and bringing a little extra joy to a four year old.

Next stop-Barnes and Noble for the best deserts in town we have found. They have great double chocolate cookies, the most amazing brownies,and small chocolate mouse cakes. Yummy!! We picked up our deserts and then went outside to the gazebo next door to enjoy our treats.

All the way home she kept saying how much fun she had. Me too Erika-babe. Me too.

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