Halloween 2009 Fifties Style

Family picture halloween 2009 blog

We were so excited this year to have a theme again for Halloween. I have been lax the last couple of years, so this is the first in a while that the whole family has participated. Brianna started it out with her poodle skirt from her daddy daughter dance, and it spun off from there. Aaron, Austin, and Scott were perfect fifties greasers, complete with this cute little leather jacket for Scotty. He looked so adorable. The girls all wore different colored matching poodle skirts. Brianna’s was black, Brooke’s was dark pink, Erika’s was blue, and Abby’s was light pink. I think the funnest part was watching the girls be so excited about their costumes. They would ask me everyday for weeks before if I had made their skirt yet. When I did finally have them all done they would wear them all day twirling around and dancing in the front room. We even found these cool cat eye glasses at JoAnna’ on clearance for 70 cents, and a cool fold out pocket knife comb for Austin! We were a stylin’ crew!

Scott black and white halloween blog Abby black and white halloween blog Erika black and white halloween blog Brooke black and white halloween blog Austin black and white halloween blog Brianna sock hop eyes blog tint

Scott decided that Halloween was as perfect day as any to make his walking debut. He has been taking steps here and there for awhile, but is finally getting to hang of walking without help more and more. This picture of Aaron helping him walk is one of my favorites. The rest of Halloween for Scott was mostly spent cuddled up trying to stay dry and warm while the rest of the group trick or treated. I don’t think he even tasted a piece of candy. By next year I’m sure he will understand the fun costumes=candy.Scott holding Aaron's hand black and white blog

A picture of the proud fifties parents. Don’t die of shock that I actually put a picture of myself on here. I love to take pictures for a reason-so I can be behind the camera and not in the pictures. With that said, I do love this picture of Aaron and I.Aaron and monae black and white halloween blog

My tough guys. And yes, we planned that black eye on Austin perfectly just for Halloween. Not really, but the little “baseball mishap” happened to come in handy. Austin liked his tough guy imagine, and more than anything his low maintenance costume. He loves Halloween, just not the costumes all the time. When we explained that all he would have to wear was his normal pants, normal shirt, and shoes-he was in.

Tough guys blog

Group shot halloween blog

The weather the week working up to Halloween was not good. We had had rain almost all week, and after getting poured on at Austin’s soccer game that morning, we prepped the kids that trick or treating may have to take a bit of a creative twist. We were prepared with a movie, a log for the fire, and bags of candy from the store to have our own trick or treating from our bedroom doors. The rain held off for us to take pictures and we thought we would be in the clear. After driving to our friends neighborhood and unloading everyone, the rain started. It was just drizzling, but after a few minutes it turned cold and the kids were wet. Scott was tied up warm in our friend Becky’s karate costume, Abby was on Aaron’s back under his coat, and I had the stroller for back up of weary trick or treaters. It wasn’t long before we were about to stop when we saw our friends the Johnson’s show up. The kids suddenly got a second wind and finished out the streets. Aaron went back for the car and the little ones loaded up to stay warm while waiting for the older kids.  After we were all wet and had had enough, we went home, put a nice fire in, watched a movie, and enjoyed the treats. It was a very wet, but very fun night.


The Byrd's said...

I love it your family is so cute!

Nancy said...

Fabulous photos Monae! Your family is so beautiful. :)

Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

Love these classic B&W perfect for your 50's theme

The Simon Family said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Your whole family can pass for super models! :)

Lisa said...

The pictures are great. Love the one where the girls are holding their skirts out. And the one of Scottie holding onto Aaron's hands. So fun to have a theme!

The Crew said...

I really love seeing pics of you:)! You are beautiful and you could see how excited Aaron was that you were taking a picture with him!haha just catching up on your blog, been without my camera for 3 weeks now and going a little nuts, charger wasn't charging, I'm about ready to go get another one! HOpe I get it this week. So what is your fav lens? Im sure I have asked you that before:) miss you! ps we are due in June!