General Conference Week

This last week working up to General Conference has been one of the funnest weeks at our house. The excitement was so high, you would have thought Christmas was coming! My kids, Erika especially, would get this giddy little look on her face and say, "I just can't wait until Conference!!"
We started out the week with a Conference kickoff during FHE. As Erika put it, "It is the night yet when we get really excited about General Conference?" Yes, Monday was the night. Austin constructed a conference center model out of legos, complete with the twelve apostles and First Presidency out of lego men, the choir conductor, the organ pipes, and flowers around the big podium. He gave a great lesson about how we receive the words from Heavenly Father at conference. We turned out the lights and he shined a flashlight down on thelego men showing that they receive the light from Heavenly Father. He then had a mirror that he placed by the men that reflected the light, or words of our Father in Heaven onto us. It was a great example showing that the words they speak are truly from the Lord.
We passed out our Conference Packets so they could get a sneak peek of the fun ahead, and reviewed some of the General Authorities that we would be seeing. Brianna and Becky made up an awesome song  to the tune of Gilligans Island about all the past latter day prophets, and then we ate our favorite pumpkin cookie treats for refreshments.
Everyday after that Erika would ask multiple times, "How many more days until General Conference?" The excitement was high at our house for the talks and traditions that surround this time of year.
Saturday finally came and we surrounded ourselves around the computer to relish in the Spirit. The kids set up their small table in front of the couch, had all the treats lined up, crayons and markers ready, all eager to start filling out their packets. I loved Saturday morning session. I kept listening to each talk and thinking, this is the best talk, only to hear the next one and say the same thing. I felt like I came away with a grateful and very full heart. The two hours seemed to fly by, and before we knew it, a fourth of conference was already over. The kids took a break to play outside, have a lunch picnic from Subway and play at the park, while I was able to get a short nap. The afternoon session was filled with just as much excitement as we continued to be spiritually fed.
Sunday morning Aaron let me sleep in for awhile, and then took the kids for a walk while I prepared our special traditional Conference Breakfast. Muffins, orange juice, fancy bowls of fruit, cute place setting cards for everyone, and questions about the conference sessions from Saturday  decorated the table. The kids came in from their walk and were so excited!! Cheers of, "Mom, this is the best! I love conference! I could smell the yummy breakfast all the way from outside!"filled the air. It was a wonderful morning to review what we had learned the day before, and enjoy the spirit that it brought to our home. Our special treat this year for answering the questions was cinnamon rolls, hidden in the oven again.
For the morning session the kids drew on large pieces of poster board the things they had learned from conference, and continued to write in their packets. Austin drew an awesome picture of the Savior and hung it up for us to look at during the rest of conference. During the break we got out the legos to all play with, me included, while daddy took a nap. We finished out the afternoon session, and were able to end the day with a nice family dinner and night of playing charades.

Austin drawing of Jesus_edited-1
I am so grateful for honorable priesthood holders who are in tune with the Spirit to bring us these talks. The humble feelings of their hearts is so apparent as they share their testimonies with us. I love that my children are able to feel that same spirit. There is no place I would rather have been this last weekend then listening to their words. The countdown now starts again Erika. Only 5 months, 3 weeks, and six more days to go until the next conference! We cant wait!

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