{ Ethan at 6 Months and His Thoughts on Eating }

It seems like a lot has changed since  I wrote down Ethan’s last monthly review. Mostly eating and sleeping-and unfortunately neither are in my favor. Boo! Ethan got a cold when we returned from our summer vacations and had a hard time sleeping with a cough and really stuffed up nose. We tried our best to keep him comfortable, but he usually ended back up in our bed at night and couldn’t sleep for very long before wanting some comfort. Comfort turned into a habit and now his and our sleeping schedule is all messed up. He is back to waking up every couple of hours to eat. Which leads to our next issue.

Ethan eating 6 months blog-1

This kid hates baby food. We have tried every trick in the book to get him to eat it, but he has a very real hatred for baby food. His food of choice is saltine crackers. That’s it. He doesn’t really care for baby puffs, Cheerios, Baby Mums, Ritz crackers, banana pieces he can feed himself, or anything else we try to let him feed himself. Every few day I try to trick him and I pull out a jar of baby food and he reminds me very quickly how he feels about it. So for now, we are still just nursing –he has some pretty strong opinions about bottles and formula too, and just nibbling on a few crackers when he can. He went to the doctor for his 6 month check up and he is over 16lbs, so I’m pretty sure he is getting enough to eat! I just wish some nights at 3am he was getting more from a spoon.

Ethan eating 6 months blog-2

Despite hating baby food, he really does love his highchair. He will happily stay in it while I am making dinner and nibble on his crackers or smile as the kids try to dance around and entertain him. He laughs now, a big full on baby giggle, and we just go crazy when we hear it.

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Ethan eating 6 months blog-4

And as of now, still no teeth. Maybe as he gets a few teeth he will be able to have a little more table food and he’ll just skip the baby food all together. For now, we are just enjoying that cute little toothless grin for a while longer.

Ethan eating 6 months blog-5

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