{ Spazzy and Other Scottisms }

One of my most enjoyable things is seeing my kids being funny or saying funny things. I love a good sense of humor. Not to be confused with outright craziness and running around wild like maniacs-though that happens a lot around here. Just a good old fashioned great sense of humor, sweet innocent sayings, and some deep full on belly laughs. The kids seem to always be saying something that I think is so funny. Scott is my top one for saying some pretty clever things.

Scott has this amazingly intense side to him. He loves to focus and concentrate and create. And then there are times that he is just so silly. That little head of his can scheme up some pretty funny things that come out of his mouth. Here are a few from the last few months that I remembered to jot down.

  • Erika was complaining that she was so hungry (she’s hungry a lot it seems), and Scott was evidently kind of sick of hearing about her hunger problems, so he offered her some sound advice. “Erika,you need to be the master of the food”.
  • We were eating tacos for dinner and they were coming apart and in his little fit of frustration he did what he does best-he came up with a creative invention and solution for his problem. “Mom, what if we had tape for taco?”
  • We have a real problem with Scott and Ryan staying at the dinner table during meals. One particular meal Scott ran off and I quickly tried to verbally bring him back to the table. He got a little huffy and turned around and in his best exasperated voice says, “Mom, I can’t even sit there, Ryan is being so spazzy on the bench”. Ahh. Some good 80’s lingo is always enough to make my day.
  • We were coming back from the beach and Scott said from the back seat, “"You know those red things in your eyes? Mine are all burnt out.”
  • To say that Scott is a picky eater would be a gross understatement. He loves what he loves, and certainly makes it known what he does not. I was making dinner one night and he climbed up on the counter to inquire what I was making. I told him and he got real excited and said, “Ooh I love that, keep making it.
  • We were driving in the car and he says, “Mom, my brain has a mind of it’s own”.
  • “Is there wine at the store? We should get a bag and garbage it. I think satan drinks a lot of wine.”
  • He calls hard boiled eggs, hard-spoiled eggs
  • When Scott asks me something if I say no right away he gets pretty upset-typical 5 year old I think, so I have started asking him if I could think about it first. He had requested something one day and I pulled out my magical “Can I think about it?” phrase and he replied, “Sure, but you only get 7 minutes.”
  • In the spring when he still went to preschool he would ask everyday if tomorrow was preschool. When I would say no, it was the day after that,he would say “Oh, I know the tomorrow-morrow.”
  • This one wasn’t funny, but just so honest that it made me smile. Scott was sick with the flu one night, and had already thrown up several times. He finally turned to me and declared, “I just can’t take this anymore!”
  • This one wasn’t by Scott, but directed towards him from Brooke. I hear from the back seat of the van, “Don’t stick your fingers in my mouth if they’ve been in your nose!” Lovely. Sometimes that craziness just creeps in.

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