{ Scott’s New Glasses }

I think this is my favorite picture of Scott ever. He is so cute! This kid was just made to wear glasses. His love for Superman has come full circle, and now he can sport the Clark Kent look too. When Scott went in to have his kindergarten physical before school started, we found out that this poor kid was in dire need of some glasses. As part of the Pre-kindergarten testing they need to have their ears, dental, and eyes checked.

Scott new glasses at store-1

When we went in for the eye exam she had Scott look at a TV screen with black and white letters and pictures on it. He wasn’t getting the first few and I thought maybe he was just confused because the eye tests he has done before have been the charts on the wall. She had him look through a little machine and she took some measurements of his eyes. Yep, sure enough this poor kid is blind as a bat. I felt so bad for him, and sad that I hadn’t recognized it before-and then very grateful for this little test that I had taken for granted before.

We scheduled a day to come back and have a full eye exam with the Ophthalmologist and see exactly how bad it was. Luckily, Aaron was able to come over for the exam that day and help me understand all the information. For someone who doesn’t wear glasses, it was a bit confusing and seemed a little like a foreign language. For Aaron, it was a trip down memory lane, as he relived himself getting glasses when he was 5.

Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-2Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-3

They had to put drops in Scott’s eyes to dilate them, and then we had to hang around the waiting room for another hour. Luckily Aaron’s office was right down the hallway, so he took Ryan with him to do some work, and then came back and made some awesome exam glove chicken’s for the boys. No one can claim this guy isn’t a fun doctor! And the best part of the day for Scott? The awesome roll up glasses to wear to protect his dilated eyes.

Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-4Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-5

The next Monday, we took a trip for Family Home Evening to the eyeglass store to help Scott pick out some glasses. Ten people invading the glasses store was quite a site.

Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-6

Everyone had fun trying on glasses and modeling them for us, then would bring Scott the ones they thought looked the coolest. After a while I was so confused at which ones we had tried on and which ones we hadn’t. After most everyone had had their fun, Aaron walked everyone but Scott and I, next door to Krispy Kreme's donuts for our Family Home Evening treats..

Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-14Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-7Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-8Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-9Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-10Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-11

Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-12Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-13

We narrowed it down to three pairs, and then picked the perfect ones just as they were returning. Everyone gave a unanimous thumbs up. I don’t know if Scott really liked them, or just wanted to be done so he could eat his donuts, but either way we ended up finding some that we loved.

Trying Glasses on with Scott blog-15

The day that we went to pick up the glasses, lenses and all, Scott was a little nervous and actually telling me that he wasn’t going to wear them. After we walked out of the store though, he looked around and said, “Woo! Mom! Everything looks so deep!” It would be an understatement to say that his depth perception was a wee bit off too. Poor kid-welcome to the world of seeing!

Scott has been super good about wearing his new glasses. The lady at the store told him a little rhyme-“If they’re not on your face, they’re in your case.” He is very diligent about putting them in his case whenever he takes them off. We let him pick out a special green case to go with his new glasses just to make it a little bit more fun about keeping his glasses safe.

Scott's new glasses blog-1

Scott's new glasses blog-2

At first he would wear them to school, but most days take them off after school. Now a days, he keeps them on well into the night as he is drawing and doing his homework. We have gotten so used to that cute little face with a pair of glasses on them, it seems like they have always been there. And now..he is pretty sure that he needs to be superman again this year for Halloween, just so he can be the Clark Kent version of him.

Scott's new glasses blog-3

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