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This summer we had a couple weeks when the two big kids were gone at different camps for a week, and it was just me and the kids. I tried to make it a little bit of fun, so towards the end of the week we planned on heading to see the Lego movie at the dollar theater. Let’s just say, Everything was awesome! It was a super cute movie. The boys were talking through the whole thing-getting exciting as each new character would show up that they knew of. Ryan was most excited when Batman came-no surprises there, he still loves Batman. Scott just loved all of it!

They had gotten some Lego cups in a Happy meal a few weeks before, and Ryan was SO excited to tell me every time he saw “his guys” from the cup. Scott and Ryan love to build Legos. Like REALLY love to build Legos. They both got some new sets for Christmas last year, and combined with the large stash we already had, now have a whole huge basketful to create with.

Scott building legos blog-1

Scott building legos blog-2

Scott is always building some amazing creation. I would love to get inside that kid’s head sometime and see where he comes up with all these ideas. He is definitely a master builder at heart. His favorite thing to do is to build things for presents for people on their birthday. He will make it in “layers” with a big container as a present, and then it will have moving parts to reveal what’s inside that he made.

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Other times he will be making places for his special stuff. He will construct something to hide him money, or his candy, and anything else he managed to swipe from someone else. I can almost always count on going in his closet and finding a Lego creation hidden there with something inside of it. We try to keep the Legos upstairs, but undoubtedly they always make it back down here. Scott always wants to show me his stuff that he has made, but more times than not, it gets destroyed on the way down. I have finally resorted to just keeping the basket in the piano room for weeks on end just so they have closer access to me to show me their cool things.

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