Bald Heads Smell Delicious

To the surprise of no one I am sure, this post is about something Brooke said. She is my daily dose of spontaneous and random thoughts and comments, all of which are sure to make me laugh. So this weeks quote- Bald heads smell delicious!

While we were waiting in the parent pick up line at Brianna's school last week, we were commenting on how it looked like rain. Brooke noticed that the policeman traffic control attendant was wearing a wide brimmed hat with plastic wrap covering the actual hat to protect it from the rain. Brooke inquisitively asked why he had that on. I assumed she was referring to the plastic cover, and informed her that it was most likely to protect his hat from the rain. She shot back referring to his hat instead, "I bet he has a bald head" We giggled a little, especially when we noticed that he did indeed have a bald head. The conversation moved on to other things for a few minutes, with Brooke in the back seat quietly pondering over life. All of a sudden Brooke takes a deep breath in and says," Bald heads smell delicious!" We were rolling with laughter, all the while trying not to make eye contact with our bald policeman-not that he had heard us, but if we had looked at him we would have been laughing beyond human control. All the way home from school Austin and Brooke were taking turns saying in their funniest southern accent voice, "Bald heads smell delicious!"

The rest of the week that quote conveniently got worked in to as many conversations as we could come up with. At dinner, at the store, during movie night, or anytime there seemed to be a lull in conversation-the appropriate thing to say seemed to be, "Bald heads smell delicious!"
Well, if that wasn't enough, leave it to the Starbuck family to take it to the next level. We are sitting in church on Sunday, and Abby turns to me and says in her loudest three year old voice while pointing to a few others in the congregation, "Look mom, he's bald too. He smells delicious!"
"Shh Abby. It's time to be quiet"
"Look, he's bald too!"
"Abby, whisper it in my ear and don't point"
"He smells delicious!"
I have to admit I felt a little bit irreverent myself as I tried to hold in my laughter.

Then, Wednesday comes and during Activity Days we are filling out fun journaling booklets. In them, there are some questions about their house-what they love best, what it looks like, specific memories about it, ...the way it smells." One of the girls(who shall remain nameless) announced that her house always smells good. I asked if her mom bakes things a lot or something. Then it dawns on me, her dad is somewhat....bald! I start to laugh to myself, and then tell them about the funny quote at our house. "Maybe your house smells good because your dad is bald".
Our kids have reassured Aaron that if he continues to lose more hair, that that's okay, he will at least...smell delicious!


Libby said...

Hilarious. My husband shaves his head. I've never thought to tell him he smells delicious. :)

She who must be obeyed! said...

Hmmm, I have to admit that I know that quote to be true.

BTW, you didn't happen to be talking to Baylee about the smell of her house did you? It's okay, the Bishop doesn't read blogs.


Valeni said...

I have loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Keep up with all your good works! You have a special family and I'm so glad to know you.
Thanks for the invitation to read your news.