Happy 9 Day

Today was a special day according to the calendar world. 9/9/09. All those nines called for a holiday at our house. We are usually up for any reason to celebrate, and a made up holiday of "9 Day" fit just nicely. Erika and Abby helped me fill little treat bags with 9 treats (okay, really 11 treats but we just couldn't resist adding in a few extras. Who doesn't love treats.), and write little notes to put on the bags for all the kids and some of their friends. The note listed nine reasons they were each loved or reasons they were glad they were friends with their friends. After school we surprised them with the treats bags, and had fun passing them out to their friends. Daddy got an extra big bag of Jolly Ranchers (his favorite) with his note. Happy 9 day! Be sure you tell someone you love 9 reasons why you love them!


The Austin Family said...

That's awesome. Your story of "9 day" totally reminded me of "May Day" and leaving "May Day" baskets on peoples doorsteps. Sometimes I think that was just a made up Midwest holiday because no one I ever describe it to knows what I am talking about. We should totally bring it back. I'm electing you to be a part of this because I don't want to be the only crazy person leaving red cups of candy and popcorn on people doorsteps next year. lol. MAY DAY 2010!!!!

Chrystina said...

What fun!!!!!! You are such an awesome mom!!!