Scotty’s toothless toothy grin

Scott has the cutest little smile. It makes me giggle every time I see him do it. We get his attention by saying Scotty-Boy…Oh, Scotty-Boy…

Scott at soccer blog

He gets really excited, clenches both fists,  pulls both arms in by his side, and then either sticks out his tongue and smiles a full on top toothless grin…

Scott with tongue out at soccer blog

Scott toothless grin soccer blog

…or pulls up his chin and shows his two bottom teeth. Austin says he looks like a little hamster with just his two sharp bottom teeth. He has one top tooth that is bulging out of his gums ready to make it’s debut any day now.

Until then, here’s to our little hamster grinning boy.

   Scott tooth grin soccer blog


The Byrd's said...

What a handsome boy!! I love it each one is so cute! Kiele has only one tooth that just came in.

JoAnna said...

Wow, he's changed a lot since we saw him, he has the most adorable face!