Daddy Daughter Sock Hop

Saturday night was the annual Daddy Daughter dinner at church for all of the Activity Day Girls. This years theme was a 50’s style sock hop. This is Brianna’s last time getting to go to an Activity Days Daddy Daughter dinner because she will be 12 by next years, so she wanted to make this one special. She begged me to make her a poodle skirt for the occasion, and we sewed all week and were able to finish it just in time for the big night.

Aaron holding Brianna blog

At the sock hop that night they had a sloppy joe dinner, various games spread throughout the gym, and lots of dancing. Aaron LOVES swing dancing, so I think he was just as excited as Brianna was to go to the dinner/dance. When Brianna came home she said, “We showed them up with our best moves!”. They would of stayed and danced all night if they would have let them. They also had a bubble gum blowing contest, hula hoop contest, and a fun booth in the corner to get your picture taken like in an old picture booth. They printed the little strip of pictures out for a souvenirs for the girls. Brianna quickly put them in her journal to remember the fun night. With six kids, one on one time with each is a highly anticipated thing at our house, and tonight was no exception. Dancing, talking, and enjoying special time together are priceless memories they will share. Brianna will be the only girl for awhile to have Aaron’s one on one attention at a daddy daughter night. In a few years he will be escorting 3 girls at once to the annual daddy daughter dinner. He better work on his moves to accommodate three dancing girls at once!

                    Aaron and Brianna hugging sock hop blog            Brianna kissing daddy blog

                    Aaron and Brianna dancing tilt blog             Aaron and Brianna sock hop blog

I absolutely loves these pictures of Brianna and Aaron. Brianna is definitely a daddy’s girl. From her curly dark hair and  her love of reading, to her dedication to studying and need to watch a good movie every now and then. They are alike in so many ways-and two loves of my life.

Brianna up close square crop blog

                Brianna in poodle skirt blog             Brianna sock hop blog

I had a lot of fun making Brianna’s skirt, and the best part was watching her enjoy it so much. She wore it all day Saturday waiting for 6 o’clock to finally arrive. She loves the sassy little scarf we made to go with it, and the bling- bling belt to match the sequin leash of the poodle on her skirt. She loved how we did her hair, and told Aaron that it was going to be a surprise, but he would love it.  Aaron loves when she wears her hair down, and she prefers to wear it up. It was a big show of love for her dad to wear it down tonight.

Brianna with glasses blog

Brianna sock hop eyes blog


She who must be obeyed! said...

Soooooo cute! What a great excuse for black and white! The skirt is adorable. I really wish my curly hair was like her curly hair. I would never straighten it, ever!

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

It was so fun to watch the girls and their dad's (or big brothers) I have a few pics I took that night. Let me know if you'd like them...and tell "B" to checkout the ward bb this Sunday.

Libby said...

What beautiful pictures! Love the poodle skirt!

JoAnna said...

What a beautiful girl!!