Callaway Gardens Balloon Festival

Almost every year since we have moved to Georgia, we have said that we would go to the balloon festival at Callaway Gardens, and every year something inevitably comes up to stop us. This year we finally made it up there to see the balloons on Friday night for their balloon glow. We met up with our friends the Johnsons, and as soon as we got there the kids had fun running races against each other and playing soccer with Aaron in the sand. We walked around looking at the balloons as they were inflating, tried keeping the little ones out of the water, lit sparkles, ate treats, and had fun enjoying each other’s company.

callaway gardens balloon festival 2009

My three little girls

three girls by sand blog

Emily and Brooke building sand castles.

emily and brooke in sand_filtered blog

Our big group of kids minus two babies secured in their strollers. I think getting ten kids to all look at us and look somewhat happy is next to impossible. I’ll just take sitting relatively still and looking in our general direction.

starbuck and johnson kids beach blog

Brianna austin katie on beach blog

Scott in his usual set up-in his stroller. I think almost every trip we have been on in the last six months, I have a picture of him that looks identical to this. This is just his safe place, and until he gets past his sand eating phase, I am sure we will have a few more pictures like this. It’s a good thing that he loves being pushed around in his stroller. He loved looking at the big balloons as they were blowing them up. And there are his two little teeth that are in on the bottom.

scott in stroller balloon callaway blog

The nighttime balloon glow. So, I definitely learned that I need to practice my nighttime shooting skills. These two were the best of what I got. Between trying to fine tune my really slow shutter speeds and keeping the kids from walking in front of our cameras, I consider these a success.balloon glow 2 blog

balloon glow 1 blog

The Johnson’s brought some sparklers, and the kids had fun waving around. Here is Brianna spelling her name. Really fun! Thanks Callaway for another fun time!brianna sparkler blog


The Soto Crew said...

The pics are AWESOME!

Lisa said...

You got some good ones! Love the sparkler picture!

The Simon Family said...

So much fun! I miss Callaway! I remember going there almost every Marvelous Monday where you could go in free as long as you had a kid with you. :) Great pictures!