A Prayer For Sister

A few days ago Erika and Abby were outside playing, when Abby came inside, slammed the door and pouted off across the family room. I had heard some faint arguing from the front porch just minutes before, so her dramatic entrance was not unexpected. I peeked out the front window and saw Erika still sitting on one of the white rocking chairs. Minutes passed and soon Erika walks into the kitchen and with a sad look on her face announces that when she was outside she said a prayer to Jesus that Abby would be nice to her. Abby was right there listening intently, and upon hearing this said, "I am going to go outside and say a prayer too." We all agreed that would be a nice thing to do, and off she went.

Fast forward to today at the kitchen table and Erika is showing me her fingers that had some ant bites on them and have been hurting her very badly. Abby picked right up on this and said that she would go outside to say a prayer for Erika's fingers. She walked out the front door, and I immediately ran to spy on her out the front window. I figured that she would go sit on the rocking chairs on the porch, where I had assumed she had gone the other day to say a prayer.

She passed right by the porch and started walking down the front pathway. I began to wonder if she would simple walk around for a few minutes and then come back inside saying that she had said a prayer. For a three year old that seemed like a likely thing for her to do. Instead, she walks to the very top of the driveway in her white fancy dress and white high heel church shoes, kneels down on the cement, folds her arms, and starts to say a prayer. I could see her lips moving and her eyes looking very concerned (at three having her eyes closed during a prayer isn't a very common occurrence. We're working on it.). It was all I could do to not run and get my camera, but I knew that as soon as I would walk away the moment would be lost.

So instead I just watched her, took a mental picture to always treasure, and said my own little prayer of how grateful I was for sisters that love each other.

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Chrystina said...

I teared up!! What wonderful siblings! I too add in my prayers that they will always pray for one another!