100 Days of School

Brooke with 100 Day booklet blog

100 days of school down-only 80 left to go! In Brooke’s class, she made a cute booklet all about her 100 days of school so far. She drew pictures of all of her classmates, drew 100 colorful balloons, wrote her numbers all the way to 100, and drew what she would look like at age 100. Here are some other 100 questions she answered.

I would spend $100 on – a Nintendo DS

I would like to plant 100- apples on three trees

I would like to catch 100-butterflies

I wish I had 100- treats

I wish I had 100 -toys and books

I wish I had 100 -coloring stuff

I wish I had 100- lipsticks and gum

But I’d never want 100-boy stuff!

The class mates and teacher that have been with me for 100 days…

100 Days classmates  blog

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