Family Mission Statement

We worked on our Family Mission statement tonight for FHE, which was fun, and so funny. We have tried for years to write a Family Mission statement and always get a good start, but nothing that sticks. We have tons of ideas and they are hard to narrow down, or everything seems too cliche, or it is already taken by someone we know (not that there are hard fast rules about that. We just wanted something that feels individual to our family). We are determined this year to have one. We started out by explaining what a Family Mission Statement was, and I thought that the kids were really grasping what it was. We started the brainstorming session and were on a good roll with some really uplifting ones to choose from.
  •  We will Return Home Together
  •  Building Our Heavenly Home
  •  Home is where we want to be
  •  Homeward Bound

Then the Family Mission statement got a little confused with a sign that may hang outside the front door. It then turned into:

  • Carnivores and Herbivores welcome
  • Friend or Foe are welcome
  • No eating Family Members
  • We hope our ties will be together forever (Austin had just been tying up the girls with his new ropes, so I think tying was on the mind)
  •  We stop for everyone
  •  Starbuck table for 8
  • We will return to our Heavenly home To Get Her (together)
  • We want the comfy chairs (This one was a play off of one our friends have and I have loved for years. "No empty chairs". It comes from a song by Orrin G. Hatch and Music by Janice Kapp Perry about not having any family member left out when we all get to heaven.) We decided that we not only wanted no empty chairs, but we want the celestial ones that were really cozy and soft. It was funny, but seemed to lose the spiritual tone we were hoping for, so it got vetoed off the list.
  • Free Refills-of love, time, and whatever else you need

 By the end we were laughing so hard, and still undecided about one. We are dedicated to giving ourselves another week or two to finally narrow it down.

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Lisa said...

This is too funny. We want comfy chairs in heaven too. I'm totally going to tell my kids that. Have you narrowed it down yet?