Girls Weekend

The boys headed off to Arizona to visit Aaron’s sister and family, so it was a fun filled girly weekend.  When I picked up Brooke from school she thought that I meant a girls party with all of her friends. She was ready to go to the store and get balloons, and treats and invitations. She was a little disappointed to find out that we were the only ones that would be attending. She said, "Well, can we at least get some cute plates?" That's my girl.

We went to the library and checked out some books and videos for movie night, headed over to Wal-mart to eat at the Subway there, and then to the treat aisle and I agreed to buy them each a treat that they didn't have to use their allowance money for, and then home to party! Abby chose a big bag of dum dum suckers for the all night movie-fest. As we started the first movie, I noticed that she kept coming in to talk to me by the computer-each time with a different sucker in her mouth. I looked at the table and she had unwrapped almost all of the suckers. All 30+ of them. We put them in a cup and they looked like her own little sucker bouquet.

We ate treats, and watched movies until 12:30am! I had got my Project Life kit today, so I was putting it together by the computer. I was happy to work and let them stay up instead of fighting for an early bedtime. The thought if sleeping in tomorrow makes it all worth it.
We watched girl movies, had friends over to play, went shopping for Daddy’s birthday presents, and missed our boys!!

Abby with suckers 1-17 blog

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