Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

Putting decorations away 1-2

We spent the most of this morning taking down all of our Christmas stuff. I love having all our Christmas decorations up, but when the New Year hits I am also anxious to take it down. I love how clean my house eels. The kids helped us take down all of our lights off of the fence and the house and we safely packed everything away until next year. I was determined to have everything organized for when we moved, so I meticulously labeled each bin with exactly what was in it. I love organizing things!

 Lights on short fence 2 blog
As we were taking down the lights outside, it made me happy that we had taken the time to put them up. I had bought a ton of the larger outside lights last year at after Christmas sales. They were so cheap, and we had visions and big dreams of filling our back yard with hundreds of lights and turning it into a magical winter wonderland. After deciding to put the house up for sale, I debated about how many decorations I wanted to deal with this year. Aaron reminded me of our vision, and we were glad that we could spend one last Christmas here in our home. We have had so many wonderful Christmas memories here, and I was glad we could add one more year to it. We put lights on the fence, but our winter wonderland stopped there. With lack of outlets outside our house, we were blowing fuses like crazy, and decided that the fence was good enough. We were surprised how much it lit up the back yard, the kids could have gone out and played much past dark if they wanted to. We used red bows on all of the fence posts, added some small lights to the front bushes, a few more large lights on the house, and viola!..our winter wonderland was complete.

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