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For Family Home Evening tonight we talked about setting goals and set some family and personal goals for this coming year. We set each goal for three months, and at that time we will set new ones or continue these if we need to. We also put a reward with each goal and talked about what we were each going to do to encourage the others to achieve their goal. We put it on a fun chart so we could hang it up for us to see everyday. Hopefully it will be a reminder for us to be able to accomplish our goals.

Our family goal was to be kinder to each other. We are going to track this with our {LOVE} jar. Every time someone is kind, we get to put a gumball into the jar. Once we get the jar full of love, (I’ll post more on the jar later) we will get to go do something fun as a family.  The kids loved this idea. Some of the other ones we talked about were to being on time to church, memorize a scripture, and get ready for school on time and without complaining. If we accomplish our goal will decided to go to Jumpin' Jax to play on the big blow up toys and drive the go karts.

Here are our individual goals for 2010:

  • Aaron-My goal is to write in my journal daily, when I complete my goal I will receive a new iphone app or accessory. Austin and Brianna both decided to help him accomplish his goal by reminding him to write before they go to bed at 9:30. I am going to help Aaron accomplish his goal by writing at the same time each night together in our own individual journals since my goal is the same.
  • Monae-My goal is to write in my journal every day. When I complete my goal I will get to have an afternoon to go shopping. Austin and Brianna will reminder me as well-before they go to bed.
  • Brianna-My goal is to read 3 pages a day of scriptures so I can finish reading the Old Testament by the end of the year. When I complete my goal I will get 50 fun shape bracelets. I will help remind Brianna after school to read and I will make her a chart to track her reading.
  • Austin-My goal is to read 30minutes everyday to reach my AR goal at school. My reward is to get a grappling hook. Brooke is going to help Austin by reminding him at parent pick up after school if he brought a book home to read. I will help by making him a chart to track his reading.
  • Brooke-My goal is to get a green everyday at school. My reward is to get my nails painted with mom. I will remind her by putting notes in her lunch to encourage her. Austin will help her by encouraging her at school if he sees her in the hall.
  • Erika-My goal is to stay in bed at night. I will put a sticker on my chart. When I complete my goal I will go to the inside pool to swim. We will all help Erika by being quiet so she can go to sleep.
  • Abby-My goal is to stay in bed at night. I will put a sticker on my chart. When I complete my goal I will get to pick a new movie. We will all help Abby by being quiet so she can go to sleep.
  • Scott-My goal is to fold my arms for prayer time. When I accomplish my goal I will get to get ice cream at McDonalds. We all decided to help Scott by showing him how to fold his arms during prayer time.


We broke down our three month goals into smaller goals for the kids. On their charts they go for two weeks and then we have a small reward-go get a treat at the store. Then another two weeks-go get Krispy Kremes donuts. Another two weeks-a pick of movie at movie night. Two more weeks-go to the dollar theater. At the end if we accomplished our goals we will get our big reward that we each picked. The kids are excited to start their charts and love having a small reward all along the way. I will report how we are doing in a couple of weeks. I think that this way of goal setting, with everyone helping everyone else is going to be such a great way to grow and learn.

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Lisa said...

Cute goals... that is some program! Stick to it!