Dirty Laundry

These little dirty socks have been in my laundry room for weeks. I just can’t bear to wash them. Erika is notorious for either not wearing socks or going outside and taking her shoes off and running around in her socks. She had put on these new little ankle socks and had been running outside in them. When I found them in the hamper then were shrunk back to their tiny sock size, and had perfect little imprints of her feet on them. I think I had secretly hoped that by not washing them that I could keep her small forever. The sad part is that I am realizing that my kids are growing up too fast right before my very eyes. If only holding onto small, dirty socks could keep them young and carefree forever. For now I guess  I will just enjoy making memories of my kids by gushing over their little dirty socks.

Dirty socks 1-4 blog

I did finally wash them, and was a little happy inside when I saw that the bleach didn’t totally get out the mud stains. It makes me smile now every time I fold up this small pair of socks. A gentle reminder that the sweet innocence of youth never really does go away, maybe just fades a little as we grow older.

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