{ Abby’s 6th Birthday }

After spring break we got kicked right back into our busy schedule of running around to school, and sports, and church activities. Abby’s birthday celebration was planned for the 45 minutes between track practice and Young Women, Scouts, and Activity days. We had the presents wrapped, the cake baked and frosted, dinner ready to eat beforehand…and then life happens and we get to move into our “be flexible” mode.

Luckily, this sweet little girl was just thrilled to get to open her presents that she didn’t really care how long her party was, or how much the rest of us (me manly) felt rushed.

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When Aaron got home he informed me he had a bishop appointment at 6:30 not 7pm. Mmm. That may throw a wrench in things. Down to 25 minutes instead.

I jump in the car and run to grab Brianna and Austin from track. Sitting in the car waiting and waiting watching the clock slowly tick away. 20 minutes. 15 minutes. 10 minutes. Yep..flexible is the name of the game. When we get home Aaron happily announces he isn’t going until 7pm. Back up to 20 minutes instead. I’m sure we looked quite comical with all this running around. The whole time Abby just smiled and waits patiently to open her gifts. As we hustle to get candles on the cake and dish out dinner to eat while we watch her open presents, Ryan climbs on the island and opens one of her gifts. We grin, and make do by wrapping the ribbon around the cute pink box it came in. All is well. Erika is impressed with my spontaneous wrapping fix up, and then says, “Oh, those are cute shoes!” and points to the picture on the side of the box. Realizing that within minutes those cute shoes will be discovered anyways, I give a grin then just turn the box to the side where Abby can’t see it. Spontaneous wrapping x2. Yeah, I’m pretty much feeling like super mom today.

Our chorus of Happy Birthday signals the start of her official birthday celebration. She is tickled with her birthday book , If You Give a Dog a Donut, and tells me with big wide eyes how she saw it at the book fair earlier that week. I give Scott a little wink and keep our secret safe that we were sneaky enough to get it for her after we shopped with her at the book fair the day before.

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She is super excited to find out what was in her “big” present.

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New big fairies to go in her fairy house Austin had built her last year for Christmas. She instantly recognizes that there are 6 fairies and she is 6! She was so excited to get them out of the box..”only one picture mom. Sorry, don’t like the smile, not good light. To bad..you’ll just have to be flexible I guess.”

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The best “be flexible” part of the day came when we got to eat the cake. When I was baking it earlier I realized that I only had 2 eggs instead of 3. I looked online for a quick substitute and mayo was recommended. This cake turned out to be the moistest cake EVER! The kids couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. I think our “Mayo cake” is going to be a special request on purpose now for our birthday cakes.

By the time we sang happy birthday, blew out candles, and ate some super good cake, we had just enough time to relax and look at this cute girl and realize she is the most flexible 6 year old I know! We love you so much Abby! We hope you loved your quick but super special birthday celebration.

6 Special things about Abby at Age 6

She loves to say the prayer on her prayer night (Friday), and always says the most sincere prayers that remind us of Jesus Christ. She takes the time to mention everyone by name and something about them during her prayer.

She has lost 2 teeth so far-both on the bottom. They both had permanent teeth that had come in behind them before her baby teeth even fell out, so no cute teeth holes yet. She was thrilled that the tooth fairy wasn’t too busy with other kids teeth this time of year, and managed to come after only 1 night. A record I think.

She has the sweetest little giggle when she laughs. When Grandma Bonnie comes to visit she calls her “Abby Giggles” for a nickname.

Abby is learning to read and loves to read us her stories from school. A few weeks ago something just clicked, and now she can recognize and read so many words. She has been reading almost a whole verse by herself at scripture time in the mornings.

She likes to take her lunch to school almost every day. She prefers ham and cheese over peanut butter sandwiches, loves juice to drink, and most days finishes her lunch at home as an after school snack.

Abby is one of my super great helpers at home. She is first to be a peacemaker with Scott and go get something that Ryan needs. She likes to carry Ryan around and entertain him by reading to him and playing doggies with him.

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