{ Pizza Pete }

I love Family Home Evening! I love the time together. I love the spirit that is there. I love to see my kids take turns sharing what’s important to them. I love all of it. And I know someday my kids will have the same passion for it like I do. Now.. they love it too. They love the treats. The love the time together. And the treats. Did I mention the treats? The idea of family home evening appeals to them, and they would never let us miss a week even if we wanted to-glad that we don’t-but non the less they keep us on track. They love the silliness, and loud. Wow, do we have that loud thing down. They like to conduct and be in charge. They like to hold the Harry Potter wand and lead the music. But when it comes down to who’s turn it is for the lesson-there are eye rolls. We have a chart, we have had a plan for each week, but having to prepare something is where we struggle a bit.

Me on the other hand. I get panicky every time I think about how few family home evenings we have left with them. As of now, only about 1200 left for Brianna until she leaves for college. ONLY 1200. When I think of everything I want to teach them and share, that number hardly seems enough. My mind starts to swirl with everything they should know and feel before they leave our little nest.

It was Scott’s turn for the lesson tonight at family home evening-which means it was really my turn for the lesson. I was determined to keep with our value a month approach we have started (we did courage last month, which I still haven’t written about. Let’s just say I really don’t have the courage to write it yet. It’s been a doozer of a month in the parenting department lately. I am seeing how difficult parenting can be sometimes.) By the time that the after school crew tumbled in the door, homework and papers made their way on the counter and time was spent studying, track stars needed to be picked up, and cries of “what’s for dinner?” filled the air-quite frankly my mind was spinning. Insert {tender mercy from the Lord }, as I am finishing up the pizzas and I have an idea for the perfect lesson. It was the perfect mix of 3 year old help and story, with the Spirit.

Our theme for the month of April is RESPECT. Dinner tonight of homemade pizzas led to a perfect object lesson/story. Scott helped to make our Pizza Pete to go along with our story/mom’s made up parable/listen to the Holy Ghost and pray it will all turn out /lesson. scott pizza lesson blog-1

RESPECTING our Maker Baker

Once upon a time in a small little village on the far edge of somewhere great, their was a Maker baker. He owned a pizza shop, and made the most amazing pizzas around. People would come from far and near as the smell lured them into the bakery where they would wait patiently for their pizza. The Maker baker was so talented, but his masterpieces took time.

Pete was a pizza at the bakery who was a little sad about his plight as a pizza. He looked around at Billy the biscuit, and Marge the muffin, and wished he were destined for greatness like them. Yet, there he lay a big lump of pizza dough, waiting and waiting to rise. (1st pizza with only the eyes)

He questioned the Maker baker daily about just how long he would have to wait to become one of those amazing pizzas he saw the people admiring. The Maker baker patiently encouraged him to wait, for surely greatness takes time. He would be wonderful. He would be delicious. He would be amazing. Time would give him that. Pete the pizza felt reassured for a time, but as the days went on, he continued to compare himself to those around him. His Maker baker was constantly squishing him and tossing him, and at times he felt pulled in all different directions.  (2nd pizza with a frown)

One day the Maker baker pulled out all sorts of things to dress poor little Pete in. “Today is the day my friend” he declared. He got busy spreading and dressing Pete is an array of things. Sweet smelling aromas filled the air. Pete was excited as he was garnished with the finest of toppings around. Pepperoni, and fresh green peppers, black olives sliced to perfection, and who could forget the plump mushrooms. All pilled on freshly shredded cheese. He felt like a king. His excitement all but vanished as he saw his Maker baker friend approaching the oven.

“Wait! What are you doing” Pete cried out in fear.

“My little friend. The only way to become the pizza you were destined to be is to be cooked to perfection in our hot oven. Then and only then will the smells fill the streets, and the crowd will gather to see my masterpiece. The heat will make you great.

Pete was scared. Would the heat of the oven be too much to bear? Would he be able to trust his Maker baker friend. Would he really be all that He had promised? He approached the oven with courage in his heart.

Time went by, and the oven door leaked the smell that slowly lured in people by the dozens from the old cobblestone streets. The small bell on the front door, jingled and jangled as the crowd filled the small little bakery. At last the time was here to see the Maker bakers latest creation! He opened the oven door, and out he took his masterpiece. The crowd oohed and ahhed as they awaited a taste of this wonderful smelling pizza. Pete caught a look at himself in the shiny oven door, just as his Maker baker was passing by. (3rd pizza with everything on it) Yes, his patience had paid off. Yes, his Maker baker friend was right. He was great. All he had to do was trust the one who made him, for only He knew of his greatness from the very beginning.


I love that I can still mesmerize even my big kids with a story. Okay, too much credit for myself. I am totally impressed that the Spirit can mesmerize my kids so much. They listened so intently as I told the story, and Scott helped to uncover our little pizza's at just the right time. I cried over our pizza story, and the Spirit was felt. Mission accomplished. I wanted them to see that they are amazing! That it definitely takes that knowledge of ourselves and our greatness to be able to RESPECT ourselves and others around us. So grateful for my amazing kids. They are SO amazing!! As a parent it kills me at times to see them as they see themselves as Pete the first little pizza. I wish they could see more that last pizza and how great they are and can become. The endless duty of a parent to help them see what our own Maker Baker sees in us. Love. This. Mom. Job. Never has such an intense job brought me so much joy, and man are there times when I certainly feel in that oven. Parenting is tough. Making our children into who they are destined to be is tough. Being patient amid mistakes is tough. Seeing those perfect little pizzas..amazing.