{ Easter Weekend-Egg Dying Party }

We have managed to skip dying Easter eggs for the past couple of years. No good reason, it just didn’t make the cut of things to fit in our full April schedules. This year we broke out the dyes and let the kids have at it. Aaron was at the hospital doing OB call, so with one parent to monitor all the mess fun, we smartly waited until Ryan’s naptime to have our little egg party. Poor Ryan-when your almost 18 months, and have managed to scale every surface in the house and explore (especially counter tops), sometimes you get uninvited to some parties. Egg parties for instance.

We started with a little of this…

dying easter eggs blog-1

..and added a few of these..dying easter eggs blog-2

…got a little crazy..dying easter eggs blog-6

..okay, maybe a lot crazy…

dying easter eggs blog-12

..and had some super colorful eggs for Easter.

easter blog-2

The kids were trying to see who could get the darkest colored egg. Brooke made one that was super bright green by putting it in the orange and then the green. It was a pretty cool experiment. Austin and Brianna were trying to have their own little experiment as well, as they were daring each other to drink the dye and see if it would turn their skin that color. Yea..parties usually lead to not-so-smart behavior we are finding. Happy to report neither of them took each other up on the dare, and skin color remains intact.

dying easter eggs blog-3

Thought I would note this is Scott’s “party” face, and that Brianna was really not thrilled to have her picture taken-I think a Saturday nap was interrupted to attend this party. Totally worth it Be-be.

dying easter eggs blog-8

dying easter eggs blog-5

dying easter eggs blog-4

dying easter eggs blog-9

dying easter eggs blog-11

dying easter eggs blog-13

dying easter eggs blog-7

dying easter eggs blog-10

No egg dying party would be complete without an Easter egg hunt too. We used plastic eggs instead of our real ones, and filled our backyard with hundreds of colorful eggs. We invited our new neighbors over for the fun, and they were so cute. All week they had been hiding empty Easter eggs around the house to find for each other, and totally thought these were empty too. Super cute to see their 3 year old’s face when he opened an egg and discovered it was filled with some candy.

dying easter eggs blog-14

Luckily, Ryan was totally invited to the egg hunt, and loved picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket. He loved it even more when he too discovered that these pretty little eggs had surprises in them. He helped himself to quite a few tootsie rolls that day, out of his basket, and anyone else’s he could find.

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