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I love General Conference. I love the timeliness of all the talks, and messages. It’s always a sweet reminder how much the Lord is aware of us and what we are going through and feeling at all times in our life. Saturday morning session spoke to my heart especially, as well as Sunday mornings session and President Uchtdorf’s talk. I love these worthy Priesthood holders who love the Lord and us so much.

It was a wonderful experience to be in our house and enjoy conference for the first time since being here. I can’t believe we have already lived here for almost 6 months. Time does fly. The best part was having our new iMac and being able to move it over to the front room and get to all watch together with spots for everyone to sit. I don’t think I heard one complaint the entire time about someone not being able to see or having a comfortable place to sit. It was nice.

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Brianna eating her huge 2 foot Twizzlers-with braces mind you. We will be REALLY happy when those things are off.

We moved our makeshift dining room table/huge fold up table behind the couch for the kids to sit at while they watched. We taped a large piece of paper from a paper roll across the top for them to draw on and take notes. I bought a new huge pack of crayons (96 pack) just for the occasion-a serious treat since I pitched all the broken and random crayons when we moved.

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We had a waffle breakfast Saturday morning with Aaron’s sister Cathy and her husband Jason and their kids. They have been living here for the last 3 months as Jason has been doing training at Ft. Benning. They were on their way out of town moving to Virginia. We ate yummy waffles and said our goodbyes to cousins. I made little conference baskets for each of the kids with all kinds of snacks and treats for the two days. They were a big hit, and I didn’t have to worry about constantly pulling outs snacks. Something I will definitely be doing again next time. In each of the baskets the kids had:

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  • water bottle
  • juice box
  • box of raisins
  • peanut butter crackers
  • goldfish
  • bugles
  • cheese and crackers
  • mentoes
  • Twix candy bars
  • 2 foot long twizzlers
  • fruit by the foot

We didn’t do packets this time.  I love packets, but I am little bit burnt out of them. I think I need to take the time between now and next conference to come us with something of my own. I usually just print some of of the internet, which have always been fabulous-so much talent from others. I was always grateful they were willing to share their creativity. I just need something new for next time. For this time I gave everyone their own pack of post it notes and we had them write down questions from the talks. We folded them up and put them in  a large bottle until the end of each day.

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Saturday night before the Priesthood session, we took Easter eggs and put a piece of candy and a question in each one. We did an Easter egg hunt in the front room, and then took turns opening the eggs and if they knew the answer to the questions then they got the candy.

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Sunday the kids were much more into taking notes about all the talks, and writing questions. We still haven’t got to all the questions, but we’ll work through them slowly during dinners in the coming month. It was such a uplifting weekend to feel our testimonies strengthened.

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Lisa said...

Like the pack of post it notes idea. I had to look long and hard to find the few packet pages I was interested in this year. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next time. We need to chat soon!