{ We Love Chocolate-But It Makes Us Jiggley }

Abby and Erika were at the table talking while they were eating pudding the other day.

Erika: “What if we never had chocolate?!”

Abby: “I would be crying. I love chocolate. Do you love chocolate more than dogs?”

Erika: “I love dogs more.”

Abby: “What! …Oh yeah, me too.”


Some recent car talk from these two from the back seat.

Abby: “I want to go to McDonald’s. Do you?”

Erika:”McDonald’s isn’t very healthy. It makes you fat.

Abby: “Yeah, like your leg. Look it’s all jiggley.”

Mom: “Abby, no one is fat in this family. Only say nice things.”

Erika: “It’s not fat, it’s just like that.”

Abby: “But moms and dads, they are SO jiggley. Have you seen them?”

Erika: ”Yea, when you get to be a mom or dad you get jiggley.”

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