{ Ethan’s First Bath }

We waited quite a while to give Ethan his first official bath at home to give him time to heal after his circumcision and because he has such dry skin we didn’t want to irritate him too much. We systematically had to invite the kids downstairs a couple at a time to help us, just so he wouldn’t be bombarded with too many hands trying to clean all his baby chub. He looks SO big to me already in these pictures even though he was only ten days old at the time. He still sleeps so much of the day, that it’s a bit of a treat to have him so awake with his eyes wide open for us-so excuse the multitude of “baby’s first bath” pictures, because there is A LOT! He really is just too cute to not take pictures of we think.

Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-1

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He was actually really loving his bath until it was time to lather up his tummy and back and he got a little drift of cool air. He was NOT happy at all, but all those double chins were housing a little too much milk spit up, so lather up it must be.

Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-8

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We thought the little boys would love the lotion part since Ryan was always rubbing lotion on my tummy when I was pregnant, but they were so funny about it and didn’t want to help. I think they were a little nervous about hurting him, and instead just took the sweet role of patting him gently to calm him down. Ethan is really not a fan of having his clothes changed or being naked, and he sure lets us know that…

   Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-18Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-19 Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-20

…but nothing a little big brother soothing couldn’t fix.

Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-17

And after it was all said and done, he was back to these peeling little old grandpa feet that I just love to pieces.

Ethan's FIrst Bath blog-21

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