{ March Month in Review }

Monday March 3-Since I haven’t had the baby yet Aaron officially started leave from work to help out with the kids. Scott and Ryan have been begging to go to play at the Playplace in McDonalds and I promised them that when the baby is born that daddy will be home for lots of days and he will take them. (Nothing like passing the buck, huh? I am not a big fan of trying to chance around the boys being nine months pregnant). Since Aaron was home they convinced him to go have lunch there. I enjoyed an uninterrupted nap-it was nice.

Tuesday March 4-Last doctor’s appointment before Ethan was born. Brooke and Erika went ice skating for Activity Day Girls. The rest of us go to eat at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I watched a Dugger’s marathon on Netflix since I can’t sleep too well. Last day being pregnant with Ethan blog-1

Wednesday March 5-Ethan is born!

Ethan Birth Black and White blog-14

Friday March 7- We come home from  the hospital.

Sunday March 9-Aaron comes home from his morning Bishopric meetings early to pick up the kids for church. It is their first week sitting alone. The little kids (basically everyone but Austin and Brianna) are pretty wild. We decide to spread out the love throughout the ward next week and have them sit with different families. The girls were NOT happy about that. Ryan insists that he is not a Sunbeam anymore. He follows Aaron around after Sacrament meeting talking to people and then Aaron takes him to class and he goes then.

Monday March 10-Ethan has his 2 day appointment 2pm. He weighs 7lbs.14oz. Aaron and the boys take me to the appointment. They get a little restless waiting for the doctor so they go climb on all of the big rocks out in front of the hospital until I am done. Aaron takes the boys and Simon to go hiking in the woods behind our house. They find the “chair tree” that they climbed on, and also a tree they named the Rainbow Tree.

Scott and Ryan on chair tree blog-1

Tuesday March 11-Brianna spends some time cuddling with baby Ethan.

Brianna sleeping with Ethan blog-3

Thursday March 13-Aaron takes kids to Lake bottom park to play while Brianna is at school soccer practice there. Brianna had a field trip that day to watch Les Miserable at the Springer Opera House. Aaron gets new iPhone 5 and gets me a new iPhone. Yeah! No more prepaid phone anymore! Made homemade pizza that night.

Swinging at Lakebottom Park blog-1

Ryan on swings blog-1

Saturday March 15-We give Ethan his first bath. Aaron takes the kids to the Columbus airshow.

Airshow blog-3   Airshow blog-1 Airshow blog-2Airshow blog-4   Airshow blog-5 Airshow blog-6

Tuesday March 18-Boys eat lunch with baby Ethan on their make shift stool tables. Our dog Simon has a vet appointment. He weighs 89lbs-the vet says he is a little chubby and he needs more exercise and less food. Big surprise, that dog LOVES to eat!

Boys eating lunch with Ethan blog-1

Aaron takes the kids to go play in the woods by our house.

Playing in woods with dad blog-1

Playing in woods with dad blog-2

Wednesday March 19- Ethan’s 2 week appointment 8lbs 14 oz.Erika school field trip to Oxbow Meadows at school. Aaron and Brooke and Erika have daddy daughter boot camp at church for Activity Day Girls.

 Activity Day Girls Boot Camp blog-1Activity Day Girls Boot Camp blog-2Activity Day Girls Boot Camp blog-3

Thursday March 20-This is what the kids look like most mornings when they come down for scripture time. They pretty much crash on the couch until Aaron comes out from getting ready for work. He started promising them that if they were at the table awake and ready for scripture time at 6:10 and Brianna and him left by 6:40 for seminary that on Friday he would take them all to Chick-Filet for breakfast before he took Brianna to seminary.

Sleepy scripture time blog-1

Friday March 21-Aaron goes back to work. We have a date night with Brianna and Austin and we go to see the Saratov Approach movie that night. SO good, made us all cry and feel the spirit strong in the middle of the movie theater. Its about two Mormon missionaries that are kidnapped in Russia, and was amazing to watch.

         image Saratov movie blog-1

Saturday March 22-Austin 12/13 year old activity at church. Brianna 2-4pm dance at church. Abby slept until 3pm this afternoon-she is sick with a fever and cough.

Abby sick blog-1

Sunday March 23-Abby stays home from church with me and Ethan. Our home teachers come tonight. At dinner we tell the kids that the home teachers are coming and Brooke makes a huffy breath because she has plans of finishing some crafting project upstairs after dinner. Her comment is, “What?!Why do we have to have the home teachers come over. We know enough about the scriptures!” We are evidently not doing a great job teaching our kids the purpose of home teachers.

Monday March 24-Brianna has a soccer game at school. They win 6-0. When I go pick her up I get a flat tire and Aaron has to come bail us out and fix it. Scott officially moves out of Austin’s room and him and Ryan share a room. We move Ethan’s big crib into Brianna’s room for in a couple of months when they share. We are trying to get the boys to go to bed good and make promises of getting bunk beds for them if they can stay in bed at night. They are super excited, but still aren’t going to bed good. It took two hours to get Ryan to go to bed tonight, and that was with no nap. This is going to be a long road I think.

Tuesday March 25-Abby is home from school sick yesterday and today.  We missed preschool today because the boys slept in. No preschool and Abby home sick meant another day with the spare tire on.Ryan is so gentle with Ethan. He loves to come over and rub his face and talk in a cute baby voice to him. He loves to hold him and be the big brother. Ethan is obviously impressed that Ryan is a super hero too.

Ryan holding Ethan in playroom blog-2

Ryan holding Ethan in playroom blog-3Ryan holding Ethan in playroom blog-4

Wednesday March 26-Spent an hour and a half at the tire place getting the nail hole in our tire fixed. Luckily, Ethan was really good the whole time. Austin has a Court of Honor at church tonight. Austin earned his Star Advancement, and Aaron stood in for me to receive the “Mother’s Pin”. Good thing that you can’t see the front of his uniform because you would see that there are no patches or any merit badges sewn on yet.Really trying to work on this-the poor kid may be an Eagle before I get my act together.

Austin Court of Honor Star blog-1

Saturday March 29-General Women’s Conference with my girls. Such a strong spirit of unity was felt there. I felt like there was a big lump in my throat the whole night. It felt good to look over and see my girls there with me. We went out to eat afterwards and had fun laughing and joking and enjoying each other’s company. It gave me a glimpse into what life will be like in a few years when they have families of their own and we are going out to have a lunch date all together. I love my girls SO much!

General Womens Conference blog-1

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Fun to read about your month. It sounded CRAZY, and great... but still crazy. Good for you to get it recorded!!