{ Sleep When the Baby Sleeps }

I have had a lot of advice given and asked of me in the last 15 years of motherhood. By far the one that has held the most truth in it has been the one that recommends that you sleep when the baby sleeps. Even after eight kids I totally forget how sleep deprived you can get with a newborn. After that first night in the hospital I remembered real quick. I was so lucky to have Aaron home for almost three weeks to help out while I recovered. He held down the fort so I was able to sleep when Ethan slept, since my night times were a bit lacking in the sleep department.

It’s funny how lots of other individuals have been taking that advice too, and grabbing a few winks when they can WITH baby Ethan. I think it’s just a good excuse to cuddle extra close to him-which I can hardly blame them for because he really is so fun to cuddle with. Here are some cute cuddle times they have had with him in his first two weeks.

Brianna sleeping with Ethan blog-1 Brianna sleeping with Ethan blog-2

Austin sleeping with Ethan blog-1 Austin sleeping with Ethan blog-3

Erika holding Ethan blog-1 Erika holding Ethan blog-2

Abby holding sleeping Ethan blog-1 Abby holding sleeping Ethan blog-2

Abby holding sleeping Ethan blog-5 Abby holding sleeping Ethan blog-6

Abby holding sleeping Ethan blog-3

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