{ General Conference Is A Party! }

We LOVE General Conference time at our house. Our family fun priority list is Christmas, Birthdays, General Conference-it really is that big of a deal around here. I love that we have two times a year to spend time together as a family listening to the words of the Prophet and Apostles, feeling spiritually uplifted, and having FUN! As I am trying to prepare for General Conference that is coming up this next weekend, I was trying to remember all the things we have done in the past so I could think up something new and maybe combine some of our old favorites. Here are some of the fun things we have done for our family in the last few years on General Conference Weekend.

2013 October-Social Media Fun

April-Aaron and I and our two oldest were in Europe at the time, but the rest of the kids used our General Conference Center board with the grandparents

2012 October-Our own General Conference Center Board

April-Conference Baskets and Easter Egg Hunt

2011-I don’t have any pictures of this year April or October. This was the year we were in the rental house while building our house so I am pretty sure that we did packets and had a few treats but that was about it. Crazy moving/building a house/life kind of took over and my creativity went by the wayside for awhile. I think I had gotten little clipboards from Target and a box of their own crayons that they used to write notes with?

2010 October-General Conference Trick-Or-Treating Fun

April-I didn’t have any pictures of this Weekend either-I was pregnant with Ryan at the time-enough said.

2009 October-Family Home Evening before Conference with Lego Lesson

April-King Benjamin Family Home Evening before Conference, Quiet free Conference Zone, and Special Breakfast

I am excited to finalize my ideas for this weekend-I am thinking of doing some kind of packet/notebook combination with maybe treats and things that are all BABY sized since we just had a new baby? We’ll see what this sleep deprived brain can come up with-either way I know that it will be a super fun filled weekend!

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