{ First Little Smiles }

I feel like Ethan is getting a bit of the first baby syndrome around here with the amount of pictures that I am taking of him. Maybe it’s the “might be the last kid” syndrome? Either way we just keep getting so excited about every little thing he does, and we think it’s all so cute. After he had gotten his diaper changed he immediately fell back asleep on the blanket and then started smiling in his sleep. It was pretty cute, and now that I look at the pictures, pretty funny too because it looks like he is holding a pink blanket like cape on his back. Scott and Ryan really wanted a super hero brother-so I guess they got one.

Ethan 1 Week Old

Ethan smiling in sleep blog-1Ethan smiling in sleep blog-2Ethan smiling in sleep blog-3Ethan smiling in sleep blog-4

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