{ One Week Old }

Baby Ethan (I wonder how long we will call him that. It’s not like we have a BIG Ethan to differentiate between the two, it just sounds right to call him Baby Ethan instead of plain old Ethan) had his two-day appointment on Monday to make sure his weight was up and he was continuing to grow healthy and strong. When he left the hospital he weighed 7lbs. 10 oz., down a bit from his birth weight which is normal. On Monday he weighed 7lbs. 14 oz.-so he is growing good. The doctor told us his main jobs were eating, sleeping, crying, pooping/peeing, and I will add being loved.

He loves to be swaddled up tight and sleeps in his bouncy seat at nights. He gave me a break two nights in a row by sleeping 4 1/2 hours straight-too bad I was too nervous to sleep that soundly. Even after eight kids I still find myself waking up to check and see if he is still breathing-even though his bouncy seat is only two feet from by bed and I can pretty much hear him anyways.

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He likes his binkie-which makes us all happy. He has smiled a few times for us in his sleep, and we still get all mushy inside when we hear him sneeze. It is just SO cute! His eyes are definitely looking more blue to us, so we are pretty sure that he will be joining the blue eyed crew in our house. His hair looks dark in these pictures, but it actually lighting up a lot. It’s funny that it almost looks red? in some places. I went back to look at Austin’s baby pictures and his actually looked just the same, so I am thinking that it will turn a blond color as he starts to get a little more hair.

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