Grandin Printing Shop and The Erie Canal

After grabbing a bite to eat at a great locals restaurant there in Palmyra, we went to tour the Grandin Printing Shop. It was here that the first edition of The Book of Mormon was printed. As we were going to enter for a tour, three big tour buses full of people pulled up as well. There were so many people, that we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to ask questions and see everything, but I guess that means we will just have to come back some day and see it again.  This is one of my favorite pictures from our whole trip. Aaron is definitely in his element here. He loves to read and dreams of having a large library at home with shelves and shelves full of good books to read.

Aaron Grandin printing shop

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Grandma was nice to let Brooke loose with her camera during this tour, and I think she did a pretty good job on this picture of me. We had fun seeing the  ink blotters, the big printing presses, and a big pulley system they used to lift up heavy items to the second floor. The missionaries there told about how when they were working on printing The Book of Mormon, some of the early missionaries were so eager to teach the people with it that they took whatever they could with  them. Only the first 16 pages were printed and so they took copies of just that. Many were baptized from those missionaries. It makes me want to go back and reread the first 16 pages in more detail.

After leaving the printing shop we headed down the street to the candy shop to have a treat, and then headed down to walk along the Erie canal. After reading The Work and the Glory series, it was fun to see first hand where some of the canal action would have taken place during Joseph Smith’s time.

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