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Today we celebrated the last day of swim lessons. For the past two weeks the kids have had fun splashing around at our community pool during swim lessons. Brooke, Erika, and Abby were all in a class together, and Brianna and Austin were in the same class. They got to take lessons with our friends the Johnsons, and had so much fun swimming and getting together to play afterwards. Lisa and I had fun chatting on the side, and watching our little fishes swim.

Abby was so brave this year. Last year she would scream if we even carried her over to the deep water, but this year she was jumping in on her own and learning the arm strokes with everyone else.  “Scoop the ice cream and give it to a friend” were all the girls favorite stroke to learn.

On the last day, we were all able to cool off in the pool at their graduation party. They turned on the water on the waterslide and the kids got to have the whole pool to themselves. After some convincing Erika went down the slide with her teacher holding her (a special thing that they won’t normally let you do during regular swim hours), and showed me how she could swim to the edge.

Brooke has become a natural swimmer. Once she got the arm strokes down, she has just taken off. By the end of summer she has already learned how to swim across the whole pool by her self! I love to watch her confidence grow as she learns one more new thing.

Brianna and Austin had fun being in the same class with their friends. They would have their own little contests each day to see who could get the most compliments from their teachers, who could swim the fastest, and who could swim the farthest for their dive sticks.

Swim lessons are so much fun! By next year, Scott will be able to do a Mommy and Me class and join the rest of the Starbuck’s in the pool.

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