Hiking the Hill Cumorah

After seeing the large hill in the Hill  Cumorah pageant, the kids were excited to hike to the top and see it from that view as well. After some miscommunication about the trails, we ended up hiking the trail that was suppose to be easier, but turned out to be a lot harder to the top. After catching our breath we were able to see the monument at the top, the beautiful views of Palmyra, and imagine what is was like when Joseph was there getting the plates. The children that were there to perform in the pageant were enjoying Primary activities from some of the adults, and as part of the activity were going on scavenger hunts all around us. As we started to walk down the hill, Abby had carried off a balloon that we thought was part of the activity. We popped it, and inside was a sweet testimony written from one of the children in the pageant.  Just another thing to make a lasting impression on our family and strengthen our testimonies.

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