Grandma Hoff’s 90th Birthday Celebration

On May2, my Grandma turned 90 years old. I look at pictures of her, and she looks so young to me still. I can’t believe she is 90. She is an amazing woman. She is a great example to me of selfless service, sacrifice, hard work, and a giving heart. She NEVER forgets a birthday or Christmas. The kids love to look in the mailbox and see a letter from their Great-Grandma Hoff when it’s their birthday.

Grandma Hoff 90th Birthday blog 2

For this Independence Day weekend a family get together was planned to celebrate her birthday, and Scott and I hopped on a plane to be there. We left Thursday night and flew into Des Moines to my parents home, then left Friday to drive the few hours up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to my aunts house where everyone would be. Scott did so great on the plane. I had him in the front carrier, and he just smiled to everyone around him, and then fell asleep for the rest of the trip. He is a great little traveler. On the drive up to South Dakota we discovered that he was cutting his first tooth. He was chewing on everything! We finally went to the store and found some teething toys and a toothbrush for him to chew on. He was practically inseperable with the toothbrush for the rest of the weekend.Scott in carseat to Grandmas blog

It was a fun weekend to see cousins I haven’t seen in a long time and reminisce about fun times on the farm with Grandma. We shot off fireworks on Saturday, took lots of pictures, watched the kids chase around the two little kittens, ate tons of mulberries straight from the tree, and got to meet my brother Mike’s girlfriend and her daughter Tayleigh. It was a great weekend.

Grandma Hoff 90th Birthday blogScott was so interested in the shiny balloons that Grandma got for her birthday, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them.

Matt and Scott blog

Scott hanging with Uncle Matt

Michelle and Scott blog

Scott with Aunt Michelle and his favorite toothbrush.

cat in pocket

My cousin Phillip finally rescued one of the kittens from the grasps of all the little cousins that were trying to capture it. He found a safe haven for it for awhile. All the little kids would take turns trapping them under the deck and them crawl under to catch them and carry them around. Those poor cats were happy to see the weekend end I am sure.Michelle and Tayleigh   

 tayleigh blog

Tayleigh is so cute. It was fun getting to know her and her mom Desirea this weekend. We had fun raiding the mulberry trees and making funny faces on the MAC until we died laughing. Mike, Desirea, and Tayleigh are coming to visit next month and we can’t wait! She is four years olds, and will fit right in with our girls. Tayleigh black and white blog


After leaving the birthday party for Grandma Hoff we drove home through Moville, Iowa where my dad grew up. I haven’t been back there to visit since my Grandpa died over 20 years ago. It is funny how different things now look compared to how they looked in my 9 year old memory. We visited Grandpa and Grandma Austin’s graves there, and dad was happy to roam the cemetery searching for family history information.

Grandmpa Don and Scott 

Grandma Bonnie with Scott 1 Grandma Bonnie with Scott 2 Grandma Bonnie with Scott 3

While we wandered the streets of Moville, Grandma and Scott had a fun time being buddies. It was nice to have Scott here by himself so he could get some one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa. Scott got another haircut the day before we left Georgia, and needless to say it was a bit too short. These pictures show just how short it is. He is in a growing out phase now, and I miss his curls!

I  love these pictures of you mom! Thanks for a great weekend!

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