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It’s official, our house that has been home for us for the past 6 years is on the market. We finally decided that we are a bit too cramped with a family of 8 in our home. We have been working feverishly for the past month fixing up little things in preparation for today. Aaron brought home the For Sale sign yesterday, and as he took it out of the car we all started getting butterflies in our stomach. This is it, we really are doing this, aren’t we?

I was having a particularly hard time. This is our first home. The home we brought three of our babies home to. The home that most of our kids will remember as their first home. All the hard work into making it just the way we liked it. All the memories. Even though we know we will be moving on to bigger and better things, it sometimes can be a bittersweet thing. Memories of our first home will definitely always have a special place in my heart. We keep praying another family who needs this house as much as we did will find it, and be able to make it their own special little home like we did.

House for sale with family blog

Despite all the little things tugging at my heart strings, we are really excited to be moving. We have found a lot to build on that is just 10 minutes away, a little closer to shopping, closer to friends, still in the ward, and just perfect for our family. On to make new memories in a new home.


Chrystina said...

Good luck~ hope it sells quickly for you guys! How I wish we lived there, I would so make Jeremy buy it! Your house is awesome! The new one will be too and you will be able to make lots of memories in it too.

The Simon Family said...

Good luck with everything! I loved your house! I know you'll make the next one just as awesome. :) The Lord is in the details, I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and He will help the right person find your house!

Lisa said...

Cute family picture!