The Sacred Grove

First Vision statue blog

The visitors center by the Sacred Grove had this beautiful statue inside. It almost  brought me to tears to realize where I actually was. My testimony was definitely strengthened on this trip, and as I look back through pictures and write down my journaling, the Spirit confirms to me again in the strongest way the Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His son Jesus Christ in that humble grove of trees.

sacred grove blog

I was so grateful to have my parents there with us. There were enough adults for us each to pair up with one of the older children and have some time walking alone with them through the Sacred Grove. It was great for my children to get to hear their grandparents bear testimony of what happened in this sacred place. Though there were many people visiting there that day, everyone was quiet, and it was as peaceful as if we were there alone.

  Aaron and Erika in sacred grove blog

Grandpa took Erika, Scott, and Brianna with him, Grandma took Brooke with her, Aaron took Austin with him, and I took Abby with me. I pushed her in the stroller, than we would stop and talk. She listened intently as I told her the story of the First Vision, quietly asking questions, and then trying to take it all in. There was a wonderful spirit there.

Grandpa holding Scott sacred grove black and white blog

We met up and walked through the grove together for a while, trying to guess which big old trees might have been there when Joseph Smith was,the kids were so good to quiet and reverently “chase” some chipmunks running through the forest, and Grandpa even offered his shoulder and got Scott to take a nap for us. It was a great way to end our tour there at the farm.

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