The Hill Cumorah Pageant

The Hill Cumorah was just a few minutes drive from main street, and as we approached the hill and turned into the parking lot, we all had our mouths hanging open. We couldn’t believe how big the stage set up for the pageant was. It looked like a real Nephite city. As we entered the grounds there were people in costume everywhere. We found some seats, and then went around to look for some characters we may know. The first one we saw was one of the three wise men. The girls, Grandma, and I went to use the restroom, and saw him there. We waited for him outside the restroom to take a picture with him.  As we walked back we saw this super tall guy, and took a picture with him. Our guess was Moroni, and we were close, but it was Mormon. The girls thought it was so cool to take a picture with his real sword. We were bummed Austin had missed it. 

Hill Cumorah setup blog Girls with wise man blog mormon blog

We ran back and told Austin, and off he went with Grandpa to the restroom. We were sure he would get to see some cool people in costume up close. Almost as soon as he left, we saw Lehi and one of the wicked priests of King Noah. When  Austin came back with Grandpa he hadn’t seen anyone, poor Austin. All these dressed up warriors and he missed them all.

lehi blog wicked priest of king noah blog pageant character blog

We snacked on treats and talked to characters passing by while we waited for the show to start. As dark approached Abby fell asleep in the stroller and stayed asleep for the whole show. The kids were good to tell here all about it later though. The effects were so neat to see. It hard to believe they put this together in about 10 days. My favorite part was the scene by the waters of Mormon, Austin liked the fighting and real fire, and we all liked when the Savior appeared to the Nephites.


Chrystina said...

Wonderful! This is something we want to do every few years with the kids. What spiritual experiences you are providing for your family!

Lisa said...

Isn't this pageant so fun? Chris and I were looking through your pictures together last night and decided we need to do this trip again.