Flat Rock Park

Erika and Tayleigh at flat rock blog

These two are so cute to watch. They are only three weeks apart in age and act like sisters-following each other around giggling and playing like they’ve  known each other forever. We spent the day having a picnic and enjoying the rocks at Flat Rock Park. It’s a good thing we took a picture first, because by the end their clothes were anything but clean. They loved trying to wade in the water and not fall on the slippery rocks, but after one fall they were covered in dirt and loved spending the rest of the afternoon splashing around freely.

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Girls feet blog

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While the girls were busy splashing in the water, Mike  was preoccupied (okay maybe obsessed) with catching this fish with his hands. He trapped him in this little alcove and stacked up rocks to block him in. We wished Austin was there to help him catch this sneaky little fish. During lunch Mike asked Abby if she would kiss the fish if he caught it. She was all for it and that upped the stakes a little more to catch that little guy. No such luck today, the fish was smarter than us and lucky for Abby we walked away empty handed.

Scott was happy to be in his stroller until he saw the girls splashing around in the water. He wanted out to play too. I put him on a rock close to the water so he could just splash his hands in it. Before I knew it he had lunged in the water and was wet and muddy. I saw something fly up in the air and when I turned around I saw a water beetle the size of a quarter that Scott had been after! I flipped the bug back on his tummy and when he started crawling again, Scott grabbed him and was about to have an early lunch. Maybe be should have helped Mike catch the fish! I got rid of the beetle, but Scott just found some sticks and leaves to eat instead. We can’t put him down anywhere in the lawn at home or at the park, he instantly crawls off a blanket and eats whatever he can get his hands on. Before lunch he was so wet, we just stripped him down to his diaper, and he finally fell asleep on the walk back to the car. I just love that little baby chub of his!

                        Scott in water blog           Scott eating leaves blog           Scott asleep in stroller blog

As the girls were wading around in the water they saw a little frog and caught it. It was the littlest frog I had ever seen.

frog in hands blog

We walked to another area close by the shore and as we would walk in the grass little cricket bugs (we thought) would jump up. We soon discovered they were frogs. Dozens of them. We would catch one and think it was the smallest, only to find another one that really was the smallest. These frogs had to have just been tadpoles the day before. They were so small!

little frog blog littlest frog blog

The girls had fun holding them, and they tried really hard to hold them gently. Unfortunately many of them we “sleeping” by the end and got tossed back into the water. We don’t have great luck with baby frogs at our house. Right by where we were catching frogs there was this really pretty plant that had this big beautiful butterfly on it. We could get close and even touch it. Tayleigh then became the butterfly catcher for the girls and caught a new pet for them since the frogs hadn’t lasted. So much fun stuff at the park!Butterfly at flat rock blog


The Simon Family said...

Oh what fun memories you are making for your family. :) Flat Rock Park is the best! We used to go there to catch tadpoles, raised and released them when they turned to tiny frogs. The kids learned the tadpole-frog cycle. It was so fun and educational!

Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

great pics Monae!!