Uncle Mike visits

If the excitement of having school start wasn’t enough having your uncle come sure was. My brother Mike and his girlfriend Desirea and her daughter Tayleigh came to visit us from Utah for 5 days. Our girls were so excited to have another playmate around, and after the first day they all decided Tayleigh should just stay here and live with us. We all had a great time, and are so glad that they drove so far to come see us. Thanks for coming guys!!!

Tayleigh brought her super cool bubble sword, which was the hit of the whole week. The kids were amazed at the huge bubbles that it made. They took turns blowing bubbles and trying to chase each other down to pop them.

Bubble blog       Bubble wond blog       Bubble 2 blog


Mike blowing bubble blog

After a while we discovered that it took just the right amount of skill, concentration, and most of all… luck. We tried so hard to make the perfect bubbles, and then the girls would show us up by just grabbing it and running. We couldn’t believe the long bubbles they were able to make.

                    Abby blowing bubbles blog           Abby bubble head blog

Abby took the wand and started turning in a circle enclosing herself in a little bubble donut.

Abby bubble circle blog

Concentration is key!

tayleigh tongue bubble blog

tayleigh running bubble blog

               Abby with the bubble jar that is almost as big as she is. She was getting a little bit bored of waiting her turn to use the sword, and when we looked over she has the big container of bubbles on her lap having her own bubble fun.

          Abby blowing wond 2 blog      Abby blowing wond blog      Abby blowing wond 3 blog

Erika running bubble 1 blog Erika running bubble 3 blog Erika running with bubble blogErika running bubble 4 bog

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